My summer 2018

It’s time to start a new era of my blog. All time last year I was writting posts about my life in US for my czech family and friends. Now I will do opposite write about my life back in CZ for my american host families, friends, rotary and all my friends around whole world.

My summer holiday was really different than other years. It was one of best one becouse of again meeting friends, family, czech food and also in same time worst one because I spent so many time studing for exams. But there was some nice day without studying.

Travel around Czech republic

First step in my „travel“ around my county was day after I come back home. First time (after a year) visit center of my town. First weekend was my cousin wedding. It was also first time when I saw some members of my family. I spent 2 days with my sister, aunt and grandparents travel around part of Czech republic which is call Bohemian Paradise.

Trip to Amsterdam

At the and of July I flow with my mum to Amsterdam. We spent there 5 days and I must say IT’S WONDERFUL CITY. We didn’t have hotel. We had housebout. We visit all museums, Anna Frank museum, other museums and nice places in Amsterdam.

Again meeting my friends

Meeting my friend and family was perfect. When I saw them first time I was thinking it’s yesterday from the moment I saw them last time but also I was think in my exchange year happeed so much things about which I want speak with them.


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