Would I choose go to exchange again?

A few days ago Marťa, who is also on exchange in US, published blog post whit title Is it worth being an exchange student? With a lot of things I agreed but also I thought things that is not in here post, so I decided to write a similar article.

Positive on exchange, which I found
  • On first please of course English, I come with average English, which was logically improved. In my opinion, however, it is most important not to be afraid to speak in foreign language.
  • I met many new people. I hope I will see them after the exchange again.
  • I’m more sensitive.
  • I’m more independent.
  • I’m more adult. I think more like adult, I more understand adult and I less understand crazy things which do some people in my age.
  • I found out more about how important my family is to me.
  • I realized I am proud of being from the Czech Republic. It always make me really happy when someone knows Czech Republic, Prague or even more.
  • I’m more interested in the future. I have never been interested in news, politics, etc.It has changed, and for example, I have a habit of reading every morning and evening on Internet what is new in the Czech Republic.
  • I found of I want in future live in Czech republic,because it is absolutely ideal country for me and I cannot imagine that I would live far from my family. At the same time, I would like to travel more after I come home.
  • My last point can be taken by someone as positive and by someone as negative. My exchange turned out that some of my friends are not as great as I thought until then.


Negative on my exchange (these are just details)
  • I missed events that I feel sorry about, like my sister’s first day in school, some birthdays etc.
  • I got worse in Czech language.


Would I want to do it again?
  • 100% YES. Go to exchange was the best decision of my life. Of course it was sometimes harder for me, but overall the exchange is perfect.
  • If I were once again choosing from list of countries, I would definitely be more open and not just interested in the US and Canada, I would be interested in other countries.

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